Catering Trailer Insurance

The Benefits Of Insuring Your Catering Trailer With Us:

Catering Trailer Insurance

Welcome to Trailerinsurance.co.uk

Here you will find our online quote and buy facility where you can do your own catering trailer insurance quote.

To obtain your catering trailer insurance quote from our insurer simply use our quote and buy system. You will notice that unlike many other “get your quote now” promises our system is not just quick form fill and then some one will call you back this, is where you can securely and simply enter your data to get an insurance quotation now for an annual catering trailer insurance policy.

You can chose various options to match what suits you best. Naturally there are some terms and conditions to adhere to but after completion of your information you should get a quote. 

If the quote prompts that it must be referred to the insurer we will do that and contact you to discuss options or by all means you can use the contact us option on the website if you prefer.


Why chose Trailerinsurance.co.uk ? 

We have over 20 years of insurance experience  that has helped us develop relationships with trade associations, catering trailer manufacturers & especially you, the policy holder allowing  us to understand what you need and enabling us to provide that by working closely with  leading insurers .

When insuring you Catering trailer you will need a broker with expert knowledge and through this we  have exclusive access to A rated  insurers  providing a cheap catering trailer insurance with quality cover and also guaranteeing you, their full financial stability.

Together with our insurers we  also recognize the value of additional security precautions you may take and additional discounts will be applied to your insurance premium. Fast becoming a preferred security option is Data tag whose  marking and registration system is utilized by manufacturers and individual clients alike that entitles you to a premium discount when used as a theft deterrent on your trailer. If you’re thinking of a adding a Thatcham approved tracker system to your trailer any such system will also attract security discounts.

if you wish you can buy a Data tag system from ourselves and enjoy full cover and the discount it brings straight away. The system will be posted onto you in the following few days. Application is simple and straight forward with no technical know-how is necessary.

The catering trailer insurance will cover your catering trailer and its fixtures and fittings accidental damage including whilst you’re towing it and importantly cover for fire or theft. Your catering trailer insurance policy will have a standard policy excess from as little as £100 but you can, if you wish increase this to reduce your insurance cost. 

Remember though you as with any catering trailer insurance third party damage isn’t covered and you must check that any damage your trailer may cause to a third party is or will be covered by the vehicle you are towing it with. 

This is called third party towing liability . Also be wary that some insurers don’t  cover damage to the trailer itself whilst it’s in transit!

Key benefits of arranging your catering trailer insurance with us include

  • Instant catering trailer insurance quote provided
  • Immediate cover available
  • Cover for your catering trailer and any permanent fixtures and fitting s for

Accidental Damage Fire and Theft

  • Data tag & Thatcham approved tracker security discounts
  • Direct Debit Payment plans