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The Benefits Of Insuring Your Trailer With Us:
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Mrs Maria Lavery​
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Trailer insurance can offer you a cheap insurance policy for your trailer horse box from as little as £79.44 for annual cover which includes insurance premium tax and an a ten pounds arrangement fee. All you have to do is complete the contact form and one of our trailer insurance experts will ring you as soon as possible to take your information and provide you with a quote for your trailer insurance from our panel of insurers.

Why chose ?


Over 20 years of insurance experience has helped us develop relationships with both clients and trailer insurers enabling us to understand what clients need and identify leading insurers with an understanding of niche trailer insurance.


Our panel of insurers offers you the backing of a quality insurers who are rated A rated, in the insurance world thus guaranteeing full financial stability.

The team at Trailer Insurance are able to get you a quote for most types of trailers which could be a general purpose light haulage trailer together with specialist live stock and transporter trailers foe cars, motor cycles, jet skis, boats, tippers and plant. With our knowledge we are able to make sure you get you a cheap trailer insurance quote but still providing a high standard of cover.


Together with our insurers we also recognize the value of additional security precautions you may take and additional discounts will be applied to your insurance premium. Fast becoming a preferred security option is Data tag whose marking and registration system is utilized by manufacturers and individual clients alike that entitles you to a premium discount when used as a theft deterrent on your trailer. If you’re thinking of a adding a Thatcham approved tracker system to your trailer any such system will also attract security discounts.

If you wish you can buy a Data tag system from ourselves and enjoy full cover and the discount it brings straight away. The system will be posted onto you in the following few days. Application is simple and straight forward with no technical know-how is necessary.


The insurance will cover your provided for your and its fixtures and fittings covers accidental damage, fire or theft. As standard your policy will have a replacement hire clause and also benefit from European use for up to 120 days inclusive.

Your insurance policy will have a standard policy excess of £100 but you can, if you wish increase this to reduce your insurance cost or may be even consider reducing the excess to zero.


Remember that you must check that any damage your trailer may cause to a third party is or will be covered by the vehicle you are towing it with. This is called third party towing liability.


If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim, and we hope you’re not, your insurance policy will cover costs incurred for emergency replacement hire of up to 15% of the total sum insured by your policy.


I’m not sure of the exact model so can I still get a quote?

Yes you can. As long as it’s a professionally built trailer and you have a value we can quote you.

How many days European use do I get and do I have to tell you when I go?

Our panel of insurers provide 90 or 120 days WU use and you don’t have to tell us when you travel to EU countries. Proof of this cover will be shown on your policy schedule of insurance.

If you do travel into EU You must register all trailers over 3,500kg gross weight before towing them through some European countries. For more info please check out Driving in the EU – GOV.UK (

Is my trailer covered Comprehensive?

Comprehensive is a term mainly used for vehicle insurance which covers many different perils. Trailer insurance cover your trailer for 3 perils, namely any accidental damage caused to it. Fire and theft of the trailer.

You will see there is no mention of damage caused to a third party and that’s because this damage should be covered by the vehicle that’s towing the trailer. Please check with the towing vehicle insurers that yes, they are providing this cover.


Key benefits of arranging your trailer insurance with us include