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The Benefits Of Insuring Your Trailer With Us:

Trailer Insurance

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Trailer Insurance

The Benefits Of Insuring Your Trailer With Us:

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Trailer insurance

trailer insurance

Welcome to Trailerinsurance.co.uk where you will find our exclusive trailer insurance quote and buy online facility. This is not just quick form fill and then some one will call you back this, is where you can securely and simply enter your data to get an insurance quotation now for an annual trailer insurance policy. Then you have the option to purchase now or return to your quote later.

Why chose Trailerinsurance.co.uk ?

We intend to offer you a cheap insurance quote whilst  still providing a high level a cover.

You can choose various options to match what suits you best. We also have over 20 years of experience in trailer insurance so virtually any, what we call a general purpose light haulage trailer which includes the likes of car and motor cycle transporters both open and enclosed, plant trailers, live stock trailers and trailer tents and many more trailers horse box can be covered instantly. Naturally there are some terms and conditions to adhere to but after completion of your information you should get a quote. If the quote prompts that it must be referred to the insurer we will do that and contact you to discuss options or by all means you can use the contact us option on the website if you prefer.

This trailer insurance will cover your trailer and its fixtures and fittings for any accidental damage, fire or theft. As standard your policy will have a replacement hire clause and also European use for up to 120 days where many policies cover just 90 days annually. The trailer insurance policy has a standard policy excess of £100 (£250 for trailer tents) but you can, if you wish increase this to reduce your insurance cost. Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim your insurance policy will cover use in costs incurred for replacement hire of upto 15% of the total sum insured by your policy. Your trailer insurance quote will be subject to a minimum premium of seventy-nine pounds forty four pence which includes insurance premium tax and an a ten pounds arrangement fee.

We also recognize the value of additional security precautions you may take and additional discounts will be applied to your insurance premium where Data tag marking and registrations system is in use on the trailer. if you wish you can buy a Data tag system from ourselves and enjoy full cover and the discount it brings straight away. The system will be posted onto you in the following few days. Application is simple and straight forward with no technical know-how is necessary.

As with any insurance you arrange its vital that you are aware of the Insurance companies’ financial stability and standing within the industry. For your security and peace of mind we are pleased to confirm that the insurance for your trailer is both A rated and with capacity provided by Zurich Insurance.

  • Instant traler insurance quote provided
  • Option to purchase online
  • Immediate cover available
  • Cover for the trailer & its permanent fixtures and fittings for

Accidental Damage Fire and Theft

  • Includes 120 days of cover for European use
  • Emergency replacement hire contribution
  • Data tag security discounts